CRUISR Makes It Hard to Kiss Summer’16 Goodbye

Good news Philadelphia: we have a new beach and it’s called CRUISR. If you’ve never heard of them, allow me to introduce you. CRUISR is a Philadelphia-based indie pop band with a (as put by Spotify) “frenetic ’80s new wave vibe.” Couldn’t have said it better myself. The band started in 2012 as singer/songwriter Andy States’ solo project that soon developed into a four piece band consisting of States (lead vocals and guitar), Bruno Catrambone (guitar), Jon Van Dine (drums), and Kyle Cook (bass). They have several EPs, their most recent being Take That which came out this May.


CRUISR (via their Instagram)


At the beginning of 2016, my brother John told me to check out CRUISR, a band with a bright sound. I don’t take his music suggestions lightly as he is a savant for discovering new music. Since then, I’ve spent a lot of time with their music and I’ve danced every minute. Their EPs have been essential to my summer soundtrack. Sadly, this means they are making it difficult for me to kiss this summer goodbye. Songs like “Kidnap Me” and “Go For It” roll your car windows down and run wind through your hair.


Me with Andy States, trying to keep my composure. (Captured by my brilliant brother, John Crane)


On August 1st the band played a show at the Barbary in Philadelphia and my brother and I couldn’t miss it. CRUISR gave an electrifying performance for their local fans that screamed along to every song. Throughout the concert States expressed how amazed he was at the audience’s energy and participation. After the show and a stupid amount of gushing, John and I spoke to States about CRUISR’s journey and the direction they’re headed. As if I didn’t love the band enough already, States was genuinely excited by our level of enthusiasm about their music. He told us about their fall tour in 2015 with MisterWives and how thrilling it has been to perform to such engaging audiences. I mentioned to him that my brother introduced me to CRUISR’s music at the beginning of the year. And before we said goodbye, States shook John’s hand, thanking him for sharing their music.

If you’re looking for some sunny music to vibe to, look no further. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for CRUISR in the near future. Rumors about the release of a full length album in 2017 already have me at the edge of my seat.

Find them on YouTube, Amazon, and Spotify.

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