Home of the Strange Closes Summer’16

After the devastating realization that the end of summer meant my summer playlist would be a thing of the past, I found an album that perfectly wrapped it all up: Young the Giant’s Home of the Strange. Released on August 12th, this is the band’s third full-length album, following behind Mind Over Matter (2014) and their self titled album (2011). The indie-rock band is made up of Eric Cannata (guitar), Francios Comtois (drums), Payam Doostzadeh (bass), Sameer Gadhia (vocals), and Jacob Tilley (guitar). The members all come from culturally different backgrounds which they infuse into their music to create a unique worldly sound. You’ve probably heard “My Body” and “Cough Syrup” as they both reached Top 10 status on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart. Young the Giant has also performed at several musical festivals including Firefly Music Festival in Delaware in 2014.

Home of the Strange album art

Young the Giant has stayed true to their eclectic sound with their new album, with some twists and turns along the way. The band released their first single from the album, “Amerika” in April 2016. The first time I heard it I was hooked and couldn’t wait for the new album to be released. I wasn’t prepared for the masterpiece that is Home of the Strange, but it quickly became one of my favorite albums from 2016.

ytg 2

Home of the Strange is difficult to describe because it creates its own atmosphere as a whole work, but then different layers of ozone with each song. This album is very reminiscent of temperamental weather to me. One minute you are floating down a river during a light rain and the next minute you’re inside the heart of a hurricane, with a few stops in between. With several references to actual rain, you can’t help but experience an entire ethereal weather cycle with this album. There is a light drizzle from songs like “Titus Was Born” and “Art Exhibit” that will lull you to sleep. “Mr. Know It All” and “Silvertongue” will startle you awake with all the force of a late summer thunderstorm. There are transitional vibes from hints of a lingering, sunny summer to the impression of the approaching autumn. The tones bring a cool breeze to the room. I’m less worried about mourning the summer and more excited about anticipating the fall.

Their tour titled “Home of the Strange” began Saturday August 27th in Louisville, KY. I just bought tickets to their Philadelphia show and it can’t come soon enough. Get yours before they sell out.

Listen to Home of the Strange on Amazon, YouTube, and Spotify.

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