Bad Suns Disappear Here Review

This September has proven to be a pretty stellar month for indie and alternative music, if I say so myself. Falling under the “alternative” umbrella, Bad Suns released their second album entitled Disappear Here last Friday.


Bad Sun’s first albumLanguage & Perspective (2014) is one of my favorite alternative albums. Language & Perspective rides a fast and upbeat wave with Disappear Here keeping up. In fact, Disappear Here feels very much like a sequel to Language & Perspective. In the best way Bad Suns stays true to their sound in their thirteen new tracks without feeling recycled. Their sophomore album provokes the familiar feeling that each song almost runs away from you. This is the album you need when you’re on the freeway; every fleeting melody has you on your heels.


This album is the perfect follow-up to their first and I really appreciated that. I think there is something to be said about a band that finds their own sound and can roll with it without sounding like a broken record. What first caught my attention about their music was how raw it is. Their songs are anchored by a heavy bass drum and trickling guitar riffs. Pile on some hot-blooded lyrics, sprinkle in some harmonies and that’s the basic formula for their music. It sounds so simple yet Bad Suns has a way of bringing those elements together into such a frantic yet organized groove. Songs like “Off She Goes”, “Defeated”, and “Daft Pretty Boys” will bring out an angsty side you didn’t know you had. Bad Suns even shows their softer side with tracks like “Violet” and “Maybe We’re Meant To Be Alone”. All in all, Disappear Here jams pretty hard.

Bad Suns fall tour begins October 7th; get your tickets before they’re gone!
Listen to Disappear Here on Spotify.

For more information on Bad Suns, see: September Radar.

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