Young The Giant 9/16

On September 16th I ventured to The Fillmore for the first time to see one of my favorite bands for the first time: Young The Giant. If you read my review of their new album, you’d know I was beyond excited for this concert. They were everything I’d dreamed and more.

Home of the Strange is such an incredible album but to hear it performed live is an unearthly experience. There were so many crests of energy with each song they performed. They started off with an aggressive performance of “Jungle Youth” and the concert took off from there. Young The Giant is so engaging and dynamic in front of an audience. It’s incredible the way a song can change from hearing it in your headphones to hearing it performed live. They somehow managed to sound better live, which I didn’t think was possible because their recordings are already flawless. The crowd went nuts from start to finish; especially when they sprinkled in a few of their older songs.

Young The Giant at The Fillmore 9/16 (via The Fillmore’s Instagram)

Young The Giant’s energy never faltered. They covered a large spectrum of dynamics ranging from soft to intense. There were so many gentle moments in their performance. In all honesty, I don’t know if I’ve ever felt as close to heaven as I did when I heard “Art Exhibit” played live. There was a display of stars draped across the back of the stage illuminating the dark stage with a single spotlight on Sameer as he played the ukulele. It was one of the most ethereal things I’ve ever experienced. “Repeat” and “Amerika” had a similar affect. Sameer would simply sigh into the mic and the audience could barely hold it together (myself included). The intensity was amplified when they broke out “Silvertongue” and “Something To Believe In”. No one could stand still. The audience screamed along the entire show but went insane when Young The Giant played “Cough Syrup” and “My Body”. These and other throwbacks like “Apartment” and “Eros” thrilled the crowd. Seeing Young Giant was a celestial dream come true.


The Fillmore (via


This was my first time at The Fillmore and it’s safe to say it’s my new favorite venue. The Fillmore Philadelphia is modeled after the original Fillmore, located in San Francisco, which was opened in 1965. The Fillmore Philadelphia is an upscale, converted AJAX factory in Fishtown featuring the elegant combination of chandeliers and graffiti. It has an edgy, industrial vibe that offers the perfect atmosphere for concerts. AND GET THIS. By some chance, The Fillmore comped me FREE TICKETS to see Two Door Cinema Club in November! I can’t wait to see another one of my favorite bands perform there.

For more information about Young The Giant, see: Home of the Strange Closes Summer ’16.

Listen to Home of the Strange on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube.

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  1. mylifeiskyra says:

    So awesome girlfriend! I haven’t been to The Fillmore yet but I’m dying to get there. YTG is great, I saw em live a few years ago and it was dope! Also, loving the site update, it looks awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you so much kyra!!!


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