Playlists on Playlists

Without a doubt, one of my greatest decisions of 2016 was committing my whole heart… to Spotify and getting a Premium membership. In 2016, I’ve listened to over 67,000 total minutes of music, over 435 artists, and over 1,500 tracks on Spotify (according to the personal stat email they sent me; yes I know it’s a lot of music). Taking advantage of the playlist feature, I’ve created a few playlists that fit some of my recurring moods and vibes (of course because what’s one without the other?). For those times when you need a playlist to vibe to, lean on, or help you conquer your day, I’ve got you covered. I add to each playlist regularly, attempting to capture the given atmosphere I’m going for. Most playlists consist of my favorite bands and bands becoming new favorites.


Some of my rad playlists on Spotify


I’ve got a few ideas for new playlists in the works. What kind of playlists do you listen to? Any suggestions to add to my current playlists or entirely new playlists altogether? Let me know! If you don’t already take advantage of this feature on Spotify, I urge you to do so ASAP. Spotify curates playlists just for you as well as thousands of playlists for thousands of genres. If that isn’t enough, you can also follow your favorite artists’ playlists, your friends’ playlists, and create your own.


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“And on the eighth day, God created Spotify” -The Book Of Genesis, probably

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