Welcome to 2017, Electric Guest

Upon following an overwhelming number of never-ending playlists curated by Spotify, I’ve struck gold; a band called Electric Guest. And as luck would have it, they released a new song on January 12th.electric-guest

Electric Guest encroaches on the funkier side of indie pop, with undertones of soul, similar in sound to bands like Penguin Prison and St. Lucia. The band consists of duo Asa Taccone and Matthew Compton. Taccone’s brother is a member of The Lonely Island and co-produced some of their songs and other Saturday Night Live projects. They have one full-length album, Mondo, which they released in 2012. That same year they released two EPs: Holiday and The Jerk/Back On Me. It’s been since 2012 but they released “Dear To Me” on November 17th, 2016 and just last week a second single, “Back For Me”. And according to their official website, they’re releasing an album called Plural on February 17th (talk about hitting the jackpot!)eg-2
“Dear To Me” was the first song I encountered and it’s been on repeat all week. It’s bright in lyrics and melody, and captures that throwback-soul/strut-to-class-funk feel. My other favorites include “Back On Me”, “Troubleman”, and “Holes”. Along with the new song releases, their website and social media presence are gaining momentum again. I’m already excited for the release of their new album.

Find Electric Guest on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music.

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