Beach Weather in February(?)

I apologize for the misleading article title, although yesterday was somehow 65 degrees while today was a snow day, but I’ve been seeking relief from the cold weather by listening to some moody tracks by Beach Weather. They have an angsty vibe akin to The Neighbourhood and Sir Sly (and if there’s one thing I love besides an angsty vibe, it’s The Neighbourhood’s angsty vibe.)

They released a new EP on November 4th titled Chit Chat. In 2015, Beach Weather released What A Drag, a five-track long EP. What A Drag features fast-paced songs with sharp-tongued lyrics. “Swoon” and “Bad Seed” are two of my favorites and appear on two of my Spotify playlists.  In 2016, they released individual songs from the Chit Chat EP before releasing it in its entirety in November. Beach Weather’s EPs cover a spectrum of emotions from edgy to sweet and back again. My favorites from Chit Chat include “Chit Chat” and “Sex, Drugs. Etc.” and are featured on the same two of my Spotify playlists.

I tried to see Beach Weather with CRUISR last month in Philly, but missed the concert (devastating, as you might have figured out by now that I love CRUISR). But as luck is sometimes on my side, I just found out they’ll be back in Philly in May with The Mowgli’s and The Maine. May 2nd; mark your calendars, folks.

Listen to Beach Weather on Spotify and Apple Music.

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