Hidden Gems

The bad news is that bands sometimes have tracks they like to keep secret. Whether they’re hidden bonus tracks, EPs that never made it to iTunes or Spotify, singles that never got the hype they deserved, whatever it may be, these songs get tossed aside. The good news is I’ve started a running list of songs I’ve discovered in my excavations to find more music. I found most of these after thorough digging sessions on YouTube, so I’ve done most of the dirty work for you (you’re welcome). Most are linked to YouTube videos while others are hiding in the depths of Spotify.

  1. The Kooks – “Creatures of Habit
  2. Imagine Dragons
    Imagine Dragons EP – “I Need A Minute“, “Uptight“, “Cover Up“, “Curse” and “Drive
    Hell & Silence EP – “All Eyes“, “I Don’t Mind“,”Selene“, and “Emma
    Continued Silence EP – “My Fault” and “Round And Round
    The Archive EP – “The River” and “America
    It’s Time EP – “Tokyo“, “Leave Me“, “Pantomime“, and “Look How Far We’ve Come
    Night Visions Bonus Tracks – “Fallen“, “Cha-Ching (Til We Grow Older)“, and “Working Man
  3. Two Door Cinema Club – Changing of The Seasons EP
  4. Foster The People – “Ruby“, “Broken Jaw“, “Chin Music For The Unsuspecting Hero“, and “Love
  5. Bad Suns – “20 Years
  6. Neon Trees – “Songs I Can’t Listen To
  7. Hozier -“Better Love
    Tightrope EP – “anywayican“, “Tête-à-Tête“, “Drunk In The Woods
    Different Colors EP – “It’s Your Thing“, and “Boyfriend
  9. Vampire Weekend – “Ottoman“, “GIANT“, “Ladies of Cambridge“, “I’m Going Down
  10. The Strokes – “I’ll Try Anything Once
  11. Bastille – All This Bad Blood (Deluxe Version)
    Includes a ton of bonus tracks – some of my favorites including: “Of The Night“, “The Draw“, “What Would You Do” (and more)

I’ll continue to update this as I come across more hidden tracks. (Last updated 2/17)

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