Colony House Rocks The Foundry

Colony House brought their Tennessee charm as well as a spectacular light show to the Foundry at The Fillmore Wednesday, March 1st. The band is comprised of Scott Mills (guitar), Parke Cottrell (bass), and brothers Caleb (vocals/guitar) and Will Chapman (drums).

Seattle, Washington, natives Deep Sea Diver opened the show. This band features a female lead guitarist who also sings lead vocals: a rare and deadly combo. Deep Sea Diver loosened up the audience before Colony House took the stage.

Lead-guitar wide.jpg
How gorgeous is this photo? Captured by the incredible Seth Van Horn

Colony House released their sophomore album Only The Lonely this past January and kicked off their tour just two weeks ago. Much of the audience was intimately familiar with (and I am personally very fond of) the band’s first album, When I Was Younger (2014). The audience was moving and grooving during the entire show and really connected with the lyrics. Front man Caleb Chapman took his time interacting to the audience throughout the performance with soft-spoken confidence. He talked about the band’s songwriting inspiration and stories behind certain songs. Colony House also wasn’t afraid to play their more timid songs for the intimate audience: typically, bands skip their softer songs in live concert performances but Colony House went for it. These gentle moments were well received – and rightfully so. On the opposite side of the spectrum, there were also aggressive and intense moments. The group jammed really hard on anthems like “1234”, “You & I”, and “Silhouettes” and got the audience amped up.

More Seth Van Horn excellence

Their performance was accompanied by a spectacular light display that served as the backdrop for the show. Throughout the show, the backdrop displayed different images and clips corresponding to each song. This elaborate technical effect brought the performance to the next level and tied the whole show together. Tickets for their tour are selling fast so get them while you can!

HUGE shoutout and thanks to my good friend Seth Van Horn (instagram: @seth_daniel_sky) for these stunning photos!

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