Quite the Tuesday with Hippo Campus

It certainly didn’t “feel like a Tuesday”  while Hippo Campus tore it up at Union Transfer last night. The band stopped in Philly on their tour, debuting their first full-length album Landmark. The album was released on on February 24th and features thirteen all-new tracks. Hippo Campus is made up of co-frontmen Jake Luppen (vocals/guitar) and Nate Stocker (vocals/guitar), Zach Sutton (bass), and Whistler Allen (drums).


Hippo Campus began the concert the same way they start the album, with “Sun Veins,” then “Way It Goes,” followed by “Vines.” This was a fitting opening sequence since Landmark features these three tracks weaving straight into one another. Something that stands out about this album is its overall flow and Hippo Campus really played it up in concert. Landmark features the more mellow side of Hippo Campus that the audience was more than happy to vibe along to.

The band was sure to mix in their older songs like “South” and “Little Grace.” These along with “Western Kids” and “Boyish” kept the audience dancing and screaming. But the most cinematic moments existed within the performances of “Poems” and “Monsoon.” They played an extended version of “Monsoon” that stirred the audience and created a charming yet haunting atmosphere. After that quiet moment, Hippo Campus returned to their boisterous vibe, prancing around the stage with their infectious energy.


The members of Hippo Campus have undeniable stage chemistry and electric energy. Each of the members has a ton of individual character and personality on stage. Frontman Jake Luppen wasn’t afraid to stray from the melodies, adding even more color to each song. Luppen and Stocker stayed rowdy throughout the performance, dancing and playing off one another. They put an on engaging show and kept the audience captivated from start to finish.


Hippo Campus wrapped up this whirlwind of a show similar to the way they opened it, playing Landmark’s last three tracks into one another: “Boyish,” “Interlude,” and “Buttercup.” This tied it all up in a systematic but equally thrilling way.

Hippo Campus continues their tour throughout this spring. Get your tickets before they’re gone!

These striking photos were shot by my talented pal, Erin Blewett (instagram: @erinblewett)!! Check out her Instagram for more incredible concert photos, portraits, and more.

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