New Release – Tipling Rock

Tipling Rock returns to the indie scene with the release of their new track, “A Side / B Side”.

Though Tipling Rock is from Boston, their surf-pop infused sound could convince you that they’re performing live from California beaches. Tipling Rock is made up of Ben Andre, Matt Lewin, Dillon Salkovitz, and Tommy Schubert.  Ben, Matt, and Dillon are students at Northeastern and Tommy attends URI. Three of them met in high school and have played music together ever since. They released their first EP, Punch Lines & Good Times, in 2015.

In September 2016, the band released Campus Fashion,” an upbeat indie-pop anthem. Earlier in 2016, Tipling Rock released Low Tide Love,” which has nearly 1 million plays on Spotify. “Low Tide Love” will put you in a sunshine-induced trance and have you looking for the nearest beach. This song is essential to your Summer 2017 playlist.

Friday April 7th, Tipling Rock returned with their beach-pop vibes with the release of “A Side / B Side.” This song is reminiscent of the beachy reverb of “Low Tide Love” with a more mellow vibe. True to Tipling Rock fashion, “A Side / B Side” features bright and prominent guitar riffs as well as sultry vocals and it all goes down smooth. The track also features distant dialogue and a few claps, adding to the song’s charm. With tropical guitar slides and a steady kick-drum, this song is nothing short of a lazy, hazy summer daze.

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