Nightly & Urban Cone

There was an electro-indie dance party at the Foundry in Philadelphia last night, courtesy of Nightly and Urban Cone.

Nightly kicked off the show with songs from their debut EP, Honest. The Pennsylvania-based band began as duo Jonathan Capeci (vocals) and Joey Beretta (guitar) with the song “XO” which became somewhat of an overnight SoundCloud sensation. Nightly’s alt-pop vibe borders on moody electronic-indie, akin to LANY and The 1975. Nightly debuted a few new songs at the Foundry, all of which caught my attention. Their sound is synth driven and beat heavy but also upbeat and dancey. I’m already anxiously awaiting the release of more music from Nightly. This up-and-coming band is definitely one to keep on your radar.

“XO” –

All the way from Sweden, Urban Cone brought the second half of the indie-techno dance party. The band is made up of Rasmus Flyckt, Tim Formgren, Emil Gustafsson, and Jacob William Sjöberg and they stood in a neat, straight line across the front of the stage as they performed. Their set included a few of their older songs from their albums Our Youth and Polaroid Memories interspersed with some new and unreleased material. During their performance, they talked about the up-coming release of a third album, which is almost complete after two years of writing and recording. Urban Cone debuted a few new songs from the new album including “Pumping Up Clouds,” which is the next single they’ll be releasing. Urban Cone also played a funky cover of Major Lazer’s “Lean On,” which was a pleasant surprise for the audience. The band also played a hilarious and infectiously catchy song off the new album about a shopping trip to IKEA, which was only fitting coming from a Swedish band. Urban Cone closed with an electric performance of my favorite song of theirs, “Old School,” which has taken an important slot on my summer playlist this year.

“Old School” –

Be on the lookout for new music releases from Nightly and Urban Cone coming soon!

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